Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy lowered cholesterol from 8 (very high) to 4 (ideal)

Andrew Kennedy

As a South African, I've always had historically high cholesterol – we like our meats! On the 'cholesterol scale' I was a level 8. The ideal healthy level is lower than 5.

I'm only 42 years old and realised I needed to do something to lower my cholesterol levels and get healthy. Having high cholesterol was very concerning as it adds to the risk of having a heart attack; I have a young family I want to watch grow up.

A friend told me about Cho-Yung and all its benefits. It's 100% natural and I didn't want to go onto medication to bring down my cholesterol so I didn't think I had anything to lose by trying it out.

I genuinely love the taste of Cho-Yung and in just three months of drinking the tea, my cholesterol is now down to a level 4! I most definitely now have peace of mind that it has come down to a normal and safe level.

I did change my diet a little bit, but not too much. I just cut down on foods with a lot of sugar and bad cholesterol – though I still like my steak! I also like the outdoors a lot and love water-sports.

I wasn't really looking at trying to lose any weight through the tea, rather become healthier all around and refresh my body. But I managed to go from 13 stone 1 pound just under 13 stone and that was just in three weeks without trying to lose any weight!

I drink the tea twice a day and I feel cleaner, healthier, and more awake and refreshed because of it. My friends and family have all commented about how healthy I'm looking these days. I am feeling really good and active and more positive that I can control my cholesterol.