• This is a nice tea. It’s not at all bitter. In the past, I’ve read other people’s reviews and they have mentioned their need for adding some sweetness to it. I totally disagree with that, this is a nice tea on its own, no sweetener/sugar etc needed at all.
    Enjoy it, I do!

    Jenny Duncan

  • I've used these tea bags for about a yr now. I really enjoy them. Packaging keeps them fresh. It took me a couple of cups at 1st before I enjoyed the flavour. Very good to keep you regular and I do think it does help with the weight loss.


  • Great tea bags and work I only need one day certainly help with bowel problems

    Amazon Customer

  • Love this Tea
    I have spent a while testing out a few different green teas that claim to give you weight loss results and I'm so glad I've found Cho Yung.
    I drink this tea first thing every morning, and it really helps my body cleanse itself and feel fresh. I have IBS and it really does make me feel less bloated and more regular. With the added bonus of it helping me lose a few pounds, I'll never stop buying this brand now.

    Dan Newing