How to beat the heatwave !!!

1. Wear cotton. Ditch those synthetic, silk and other fancy fabrics as cotton is great for ventilation and cools you down. 

2. Shut your windows and pull down your drapes before leaving home during daytime.  Heat waves enter directly through your unguarded windows and will warm up your house over the day. 

3. Combat dehydration. Drink plenty of water as well as cold tea. - the NHS recommends 6 - 7 glasses of water and 3 of tea every day.

4. Umbrellas are great for protecting yourself from the heat when outside - grab a parasol before you step out. 

5. Place some ice cubes on your wrists and around your neck for a minute for two - it makes a real difference to your core temperature. 

6. Go for a quick shower before hitting the hay to lower your temperature and help you nod off. 

7. If you are an avid tea drinker, toss your hot tea into a glass full of ice cho-yung tea. It’s refreshing, and keeps you hydrated.

8. Try eating spicy food. Surprised? Spicy food triggers the heat receptor in the mouth making you sweat, which cools you down from within. 

9. Avoid exercise in the middle of the day. Head out for your daily run first thing in the morning or at twilight to avoid fatigue. 

10. Avoid cold showers - cool or tepid water is better as freezing water will make your body actually preserve heat. 

Heatwaves in history

Do you remember the sizzling summer of 1976? 

More than forty years ago, a heatwave held the country in its shimmering, searing thrall. The land cracked, gardens withered and reservoirs lay parched and bare. The Great Drought of 1976...


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