Cho-Yung Tea

Reduce Bloating - Diet/Detox Weight Management Tea - 2 packs = 60 Diet Tea Bags


  • About Cho-Yung Tea

    Reduce Bloating & Slim Down, drink this diet formula made by a herbalist. The new formula is focused on No Bloat, weightloss calorie burn, and can be drunk every day as a good long term health tea, only 1 - 2 cups a day is enough if used every day, without the laxative but has a cleansing effect too.

  • Cho-Yung Super GreenTea with Adaptogen complex is the revolutionary solution that’s helped thousands of people worldwide to improve their health in a safe and effective way! 

    Benefits of drinking Cho-Yung Tea:

    ✓ Perfect Body No Bloating Tea Infusion drink
    ✓ Take just one cup each day
    ✓ May help boost your lighter life by up to 50%
    ✓ High in Adaptogenics and polyphenols
    ✓ Vegetarian Society Approved 
    ✓ 100% natural product

    This item is a double pack of Cho-Yung Tea containing 30 tea-bags each which will last for two months.

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  • FAQs

    What are the main ingredients?

    In addition to the 'Oolong' green tea itself, we also include lotus leaf , Alisma, Gynostemma leaf to regulate your system, and Poria. Cho–Yung is a 100% natural, 400 year old, Chinese lighter life 'secret'!

    How many cups of tea do I take each day?

    You are only advised to take 1 or 2 cups of Cho–Yung Tea each day, which makes it very easy to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

    How is Cho–Yung tea different from normal green tea?

    Our unique tea works because it is synergistic, meaning the effect of the tea's various ingredients work in harmony with each other in the body, to produce the best possible lighter life result. In addition to the tea itself, we include lotus leaf, Alisma, gynostemma, and Poria. Cho–Yung is a 400-year-old, Chinese Lighter Life 'secret'!

    IS there any reason that someone should not drink Cho-Yung Tea?

    If you are on any prescribed medication or have been diagnosed with a medical condition, you should always consult with your GP before undertaking ANY kind of food supplement program, including Cho–Yung Tea. We do not recommend that Cho–Yung Tea is taken when pregnant or breastfeeding. Also we do not advise anyone under the age of 18 to take our tea as children are still developing their bodies, so any New You effects may inhibit their natural healthy development.