Study proves Cho-Yung Tea has unique anti-obesity health properties!

One of Cho-Yung Tea's key ingredients is the so-called 'longevity herb' called gynostemma pentaphyllum. A mouthful to say, but it has truly remarkable qualities, as shown in a recent clinical study.

Also called 'jiaogulan' or 'southern ginseng', gynostemma extract has been found to be extremely effective at active reducing body fat! The study concludes that:

"Our study revealed that actiponin (gynostemma extract) is a potent antiobesity reagent that does not produce any significant adverse effects. These results suggest that actiponin supplementation may be effective for treating obese individuals."

The 12 week study, conducted with 80 participants, also found that Gynostemma was also able to reduce cholesterol and overall BMI. Participants did not change their normal diet or exercise during the study, so when taking gynostemma is combined with healthy eating and some light exercise, the weight loss benefits could be even greater!

Herbal "adaptogenic" qualities

If this wasn't enough, gynostemma has even more health benefits. Gynostemma is considered an adaptogen because of its ability to modulate immune functions and provide protective effects against a number of stress factors known to compromise long-term health. Regular use of adaptogenic herbs, like gynostemma, are nontoxic to the body and help to improve one's ability to build resistance to trauma, anxiety and fatigue when consumed on a regular basis.

These qualities as an adaptogenic substance are directly related to its high amount of triterpenoid saponin gypenosides as well as a number of polysaccharide compounds, potentially helpful for lowering high blood pressure, boosting lipid metabolism as well as balancing cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Its other beneficial properties include:

  • Immunomodulating and Anti-tumor Activities
  • Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent
  • Anti-Fatigue and Neuroprotective Effects { background-color: #D4D6C8; } .site-header__mobile-nav { background-color: #D4D6C8 !important; }