Rita Tait

Rita Tait went from a size 20/22 to 16 and lowered blood pressure

RitaI had to go into Hospital for minor surgery with a general anesthetic. At that time, when I got on the scale I was 16 stones 4 pounds. It was the heaviest I've ever, ever been in my life.

Before the surgery, the anesthetist came around and he said "your blood pressure is too high. If I can't get it down with tablets then we won't be able to do the operation". Fortunately he did and I got the operation done but I had to go and see the GP where he took my blood pressure and said, 'Wow' disbelievingly about how high it was and "I think we better start you on tablets right away."

If you're on blood pressure tablets, you're on them for the rest of your life. I didn't want to do that, I don't like pushing pills down unless I have to. My doctor agreed to monitor me and my blood pressure for a month and see how I did. I asked if it would help if I lost weight and he said yes.

So that's what triggered me to start losing weight and watching my diet.

I started off as a size 20-22 which was far too big for me; I'm only 5'3" so I was as round as I was tall. It just didn't look good.

The main thing was going shopping. I'd automatically go to the back of the rails and I'd go past the 20 and the 22 and thought, well I'll try them. But when I tried the size 20 and it didn't fit, I just wanted to cry.

After about two weeks of taking Cho-Yung, I'd lost about six or seven pounds. Within a month of taking it I lost 14 pounds which was a huge difference for me.

I could really see it and other people noticed the weight loss too, which is quite difficult when you've got so much weight to lose. You need to lose a lot before you notice it, but with Cho-Yung, I really noticed a difference within a month.

Four months later, I'm now a size 16. Sometimes it's a bit tight but I won't go to the shops and buy an 18 anymore. If I can't get into a 16, I'll leave if and then go back again in a few weeks. I'm much, much happier now and feel more condiment in myself.

My doctor is happy with my blood pressure now and I didn't have to go on the pills. I also have more energy and can run around playing with my grandson.

I love the taste of the tea! It is very, very refreshing. I've tried green tea before but it has a very bitter taste but Cho-Yung has a really nice, light refreshing taste to it. It's very pleasant. It sounds really strange to say, but you do feel much lighter and cleaner inside and you don't feel like you want all sorts of nasty, heavy, stodgy food. But if you do have some, you just have a couple of cups of Cho-Yung and go back to feeling nice and light again.

Cho-Yung is so easy to take. You just drink two cups of tea a day, what could be easier?