Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence lost 6st 10lbs

Paul Lawrence - after

I used to play ice hockey and it kept me really fit. I've also done a lot of water skiing but when I started having kids I stopped doing all of the athletic activities but didn't stop eating the amount I used to eat.

I just started putting on weight and I've been dieting really since I've been 23, 24 years old. Gradually every diet I went on, if I lost 2 stone, once I came off it, I'd put back on 3. The next diet, if I lost 4 stone, I'd put back 5 and it's been going on that way almost all my life.

The heaviest I've weighed was 26 stone 1 pound. Now I weigh 19 stone 5 pounds. My waist size now is 38 inches and it used to be 52 inches.

I've tried all the diets under the sun and lost weight with them, but never kept it off for more then two minutes, it all just came straight back on.

The diet that stood out the most for me was Lighter Life which was a very quick cure; I lost about 7 and a half stone in three months but I was horrendous to live with. My wife nearly divorced me and as soon as I came off of it, I put all the weight straight back on.

I first heard about Cho-Yung from a friend of mine who was taking it. He bought me a packet and said try this. I tried it for two weeks and it really helped straight away.

I used to come home and sit down and fall asleep in front of the TV on the sofa. I find now I'm not so tired and have more energy. I come home from work now and have a cup Cho-Yung and I feel energised and go and potter in the garage. My wife says I don't snore any more, which is a good thing! I find I only need four or five hours of sleep, where before I was getting eight and still feeling tired.

Losing the weight has made my life a lot healthier and better without really realising it. I have arthritis in my knees and losing the weight has really made it easier to cope with. There is no cure for it, but since I lost the weight, it is better.

I do a bit of Facebook and put up some before and after pictures and lots of friends were amazed by the difference. It shocked me going through some old pictures. Looking through your own eyes, you don't really see how much you weigh. I'm not really one for looking in the mirror every five minutes. I thought I'd go and dig up some old horrendous pictures and put them up on Facebook. I had more reaction to that then anything else. I had about 40 hits from friends I never thought would react, so that was a good feeling.

I turn 50 soon and have decided I don't want to be overweight anymore. I don't want to be on a diet again. I want to get to a certain weight by then and change my lifestyle. Christmas is nearly around the corner, and I'll have a little relax then, but to me it isn't a diet anymore, Cho-Yung is just a way of life.

For my 50th birthday in August, I've got a goal to go to America and wear a waistcoat I wore touring around America on a motorbike in my late 20's. I came across this woman who made waistcoats and I had one made. I used it to tour around in the States and I've never been able to wear it since. And that's my goal – to put that waistcoat on again when I turn 50.

Paul Lawrence - before

I have recommended Cho-Yung to a few people, including my wife. She's been taking it for two weeks and she's already lost eight pounds!

Leah, Paul's wife says:

"I've just started using Cho-Yung about two weeks ago. I have made a few changes to my diet, I try not to eat carbs anymore, but I've already lost eight pounds in two weeks!

The difference I see in Paul since losing the weight and using Cho-Yung is that he has more energy, he's not so tired when he gets home from work, but also the big difference for me is that he no longer snores!

Paul has been really moody on all of the other diets he's tried. You need to embrace a diet as a way of life and still be able to go out, see your friends and enjoy yourself. Using Cho-Yung, this time he's been lovely, he doesn't smell, he's happy. It's realistic."