Stephen Finch

Stephen Finch dropped from a 34" waist to a loose 32"

I started using Cho-Yung and Cho-Yung Plus when I retired from my previous occupation as a truck driver. My irregular hours and always being on the road meant I often ate at very odd times and couldn't maintain a consistent diet.

When I started using Cho-Yung a year ago, I didn't look particularly fat but I was unhappy with my weight. I went to the doctors and was told that my blood pressure was quite high. I weighed 14 stone 8 pounds and at 5'10", that made me quite stocky and my BMI was showing me as obese.

My doctor said I would have to go on statins for my high blood pressure, but if I lost weight there was a chance I wouldn't have to take the pills. That night I went home and made a decision to get my weight and blood pressure under control.

I took a conscious decision to use the tea as part of a more regular diet and the pills were a fast acting detox which accelerated my weight loss. I didn't do anything significantly different to my diet apart from when and how I ate. When I was driving, I ate at irregular times and late at night, whenever I could really because I was on the road. Now I just eat more consistently and at regular times. I love my food and didn't change my diet all that much.

I noticed a definite impact straight away, especially with the pills. Within 3 to 4 weeks of using the tea and pills, I had lost about half a stone and decided to carry on in conjunction with the rest of my diet.

I started off a size 34 waist, now I'm a loose 32 and weigh 13 stone. I have old trousers that fall off of me and I've had to buy new suit trousers. I feel fitter and have more energy since taking the tea and losing the weight. I don't feel lethargic at all, whereas in the past I was feeling a little bit slow.

My doctor is pleased with my weight now and I haven't had an increase in the dosage of blood pressure pills. My friends and family all noticed my weight loss straight away and have commented about how less stressed I am. Everyone says I look better and healthier.