Weight Loss Tea Success Story - Minook Long- Cho Yung Tea

Minook Long dropped from a size 14 to 10

I've always looked after myself and stayed healthy, but now I'm a busy mum of two boys, and since their birth I hadn't noticed my weight creeping up and up. Then one day I saw a picture of myself standing next to my twin sister - and it was painfully obvious who was the fat one! I'd been buying baggy clothes and hiding without realising it. I knew then I had to do something about changing my lifestyle.

I vowed to begin a healthy diet and start going to the gym the very next day – quite a big change to force on yourself all at once! When I spoke to my sister about it, she recommended I also try drinking Cho-Yung. She said it had helped one of her friends to lose weight, so I thought it was at least worth giving a go.

I bought some Cho-Yung and started drinking two cups each day, and it worked straight away to stem my milky coffee addiction! I liked the taste (it's not bitter like other green teas) so it made me feel that losing weight wasn't all about doing without. It also helps to boost metabolism, and therefore burn more calories, which was a big bonus if I could get away with going to the gym less!