Julie Hendy

Julie Hendy 21 stone, size went from a size 26-28 to 12-14

Julie Hendy

When I got divorced I was left heartbroken and desolate. I turned to food and comfort eating, which saw the weight really pile on. I put on weight to hide from life and in an attempt not to get hurt again. I had no get up and go or joy for life.

Three years ago, I had an operation and as I lay there on the operating table, wearing two dressing gowns as one wouldn't cover me; I felt like a lump of lard and decided then and there to change my life around.

I first started using Cho-Yung when my weight loss had plateaued; I decided to try the tea with my daughter. It was the kick start my weight loss programme needed.

I normally have at least one cup of tea a day, typically in the morning but I try to have at least two a day. It's really easy to incorporate into my daily life and I do enjoy the taste of it.

My diet previously consisted of stodgy, fatty, high calorie foods. I could easily eat a packet of biscuits, crisps or 2-3 chocolate bars in one sitting as a snack. On the advice of a dietician, I changed my diet drastically to include lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables. I'm a keen cook and baker, so I'll often make up soups and chicken broths to have in the freezer as well as fruit compotes I eat over Greek yogurt.

I also bake cakes and need to taste them to make sure they're right. So I haven't cut out sweets completely. I'm also partial to a glass of wine and whisky at nights! I combine the tea and a healthy diet with regular exercise – I have dogs which I regularly take on power walks early in the morning, I also take a Zumba class at least once a week.

I've definitely noticed a difference in my life using the tea! In addition to the massive weight loss I've had. My skin has a better glow and my hair is bouncier, softer and shinier. All of my friends and family have noticed a huge difference in my appearance, saying I look at least ten years younger than I am.

I recently ran into an old family friend while out shopping and she completely didn't recognise me, I had lost so much weight.

I also have massively increased energy levels and my personality has changed to be much cheekier and robust. Whereas before I was depressed and would hide from challenges and new situations, I love experiencing new things and want to be out there, at the front of all activity.

My Mum and Daughter are thrilled to bits for me, now I have so much energy and feel so great, I keep threatening to go clubbing with my daughter – which I don't think she likes so much!

I wasted all those years after my divorce hiding away. I'm now 55 and I feel like I have a second chance at life. I'm grabbing it with both hands. Cho-Yung together with the right food and direction in life is helping me to live life to the full. The best is ahead of me and I feel like I'm going to live longer to enjoy it all.