Ginkgo Biloba 400mg 60's

About Ginkgo Biloba 400mg Tablets

Gingko Biloba is prepared from leaf extracts of the gingko biloba tree -one of the oldest species on the planet.

Records show that gingko biloba leaf was used by the Chinese from 3000BC for medical ailments.

The herb contains numerous beneficial compounds including:

·  Flavonoids

·  Amino acids

·  Terpenoids

·  Proanthacanidins

Research shows these compounds collectively improve circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain, limbs and extremities of the body. The leaf of this herb has also shown to diminish the adverse effects of platelet activating factor and have antioxidant properties.

Herbal uses

Traditionally it is used to improve circulation to all aspects of the body.
Positive results have been shown with regards to the allergic response eg asthma.

Supplemental uses

Antihistamine -gingko biloba has been implemented in studies looking into platelet activating factor (PAF),allergic type immune reactions and reactions to dust and pollen.

· Antioxidant- the herb is known to have antioxidant properties.

· Membrane protection- the herb protects polyunsaturated fatty acids of membranes.

Blood Circulation- the herb improves circulation to the brain which in clinical studies showed significant reductions in complaints such as vertigo, tinnitus , headache and positive results for Alzheimers which included enhanced mental functions such as increased memory and concentration.

Studies have also shown the herb increased blood flow to the lower limbs, enhancing and prolonging pain free walking for those with poor leg circulation.



A coated tablet
Gingko Biloba (a 50:1 extract), 400mg
Providing Flavonglycosides, 28.8mg
Gingkolides & Bilobalide ,7.2mg