34 Reasons Why Couples Who Train Together Stay Together!

When you are single, you can either exercise regularly making it an integral part of your life or remain either wise. But when you train together with your partner, the scene may change. Exercising apparently becomes an action resulting from the efforts of both, you and your partner’s mindset. If your partner is detrimental, it takes nerves to hit the gym regularly.

I’s much harder to get into a routine than out of it, so wouldn’t it be encouraging if you have someone giving you guilt trips far worse than you can have by yourself, whenever you miss your exercise? You can rationalize letting yourself down all you want, but it reaches completely new heights of guilt when it comes from someone else. Well, this is just one of the many reasons couples who exercise together, stay together.

Couple training together and staying together
According to Dr. Jane Greer, doing exercise can in itself have a positive impact on you once you include your partner in it too. It can have a positive impact on the relationship — physically and emotionally. Thus, training together makes your relationship stronger and gives you a brand new and exciting way to bond.

  • Because you overcome the hurdles together

  • When you are on the verge of giving up, a partner is the best motivation. Cooking and going out to eat is easy because you both want the healthiest, yet most fulfilling option possible.

    • Your sex life boosts up

    Looking at your partner working out turns you on, right? Watching the sweaty body all worked up boosts your hormones. Sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. Ohh Myyy…..

    • Your partner understands and appreciates your routine

    Your partner respects your dedication and there is also a sense of competition. When you train together, your overall efficiency boosts up. No need for a heads-up from your partner when you want to work your schedule around your time at the gym,

    • Pushing your limits was never this easy

    When your partner is watching you, you gotta impress him/her. those extra 2 pushups are thanks to your partner. The efficiency boosts up when you train together.

    • Training together means more quality time.

    Aside from going on dinner dates or watching movies, quality time takes a whole new meaning when you train together with your significant other. You’re not just making conversation, you’re both pushing yourselves to your physical and mental limits to be the best you can be.

    • Cheat days are twice as fun when you train together

    • You may have thought you were in all your glory at the gym, but when the two of you get in front of a plate of mac and cheese there is no stopping either of you. You indulge as much as you want because you know exactly where you will be the next day — back at the gym.
    • Who wouldn’t love an relaxation together

    • When you train together, you would love a good relaxing massage. Well, you do know that your partner is the one most comfortable with your body. Sweat would instead turn them on. Shower together after that. 😉
    • Train together and flaunt together

    Everyone is jealous of the hot couple who lives in the next block. Not everyone can achieve this. You can do couple activities which most couple can only dream of.

    • Because you both want to look good for each other

    Let’s face it, training together has it perks. Not only do you burn off all those unwanted calories you’ve been groaning about all week but it also helps you build and tone muscle. Now, who doesn’t love a hot body?

    • Trust us formal dates become boring after some time

    Unless you have a charm of Tom Cruiz, formal dates without any surprises becomes boring. You don’t have to work for it, there is no challenges and not much fun. Fitness couples can go on eventful dates and spice to their love life.

    • Couples who work out are more likely to stay together

    Couples who train together have one shared purpose as compared to couples who do not because they do not have anything to share except sex. This thing curbs the excitement of the relationship.  Couples need to share purposes in order to have any chance of sticking together.

    • Couples spend more time together while working out

    Couples tend to spend more time together when they work out together, which give the male and female a sense of satisfaction. It is also for the best as they celebrate their accomplishments personal records.

    • Couples working out together tend to argue less

    This is true as most of their frustrations build up from work and other daily routines are released in the gym. This is a better option as it does not make life difficult when the frustration is not released in the form of the arguments.

    • Buying presents for each other for couples who work out together is an easy task

    While working out together, one does not need to think too much for the gifts they want to buy. Couples can buy workout tops, yoga pants, gloves and many such things without even giving it a thought.  These things always turn out to be the best and useful because of your regular workout routine.

    • Working out together enhances the efficiency of the workout sessions

    The psychology study says that a mere presence of someone else affects the ability of an activity. Your partner’s presence will improve your speed, without you necessarily being aware of their influence.

    • Working out together makes your partner fall in love with you

    Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal—sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. These symptoms mirror, in many ways, the thrill of romantic attraction. Use this phenomenon to your advantage by inviting your romantic interest to workout with you. A likely boost to your attractiveness in his or her eyes.

    • Your partner understands and appreciates your routine

    Your partner doesn’t get annoyed when you want to work your schedule around your time at the gym. You respect each other’s dedication and your partner probably wants to work out him or herself.

    • Couples focus more and work out better together

    The psychology studies have shown that people perform better in the presence of their partner. The mere presence of the partner increases the efficiency of the workout and is advantageous.

    • Relationship grows stronger

    Seeing them brave through the pressures and coming out triumphant really builds the trust you have in them and you will start viewing them as a capable person that can adapt to changes and pull their own weight in a relationship. Recognizing these qualities in each other is a big step forward in a relationship.

    • You massage each other regularly

    A good massage session after a hard workout session means a great deal to the body. This encourages you to keep doing the hard work and achieve your desired goals together.

    • Training together makes both happier and more energetic

    The more energetic you are, the more activities you can do together that occur outside the gym. It makes you happier because the frustration created by stress is all released in the workout session.

    • The playlists never get dull

    As the couples work out together, the tracks that they play are a mixture of the choices of both of them which never makes it boring.

    • Working on your diet plan is always easy

    Couples understand the need of each other with respect to the diet and there is no mess regarding the diet plan as both of them are working out together, they tend to have a similar diet plan.

    • You encourage each other to get off your ass


    There is constantly someone beside you to motivate you to work out and get yourself toned.  This keeps the pace up of your workout and regular routine.

    • Couples learn to work as a team

    As you trust each other, you do not need anyone else to gear you up. You always have someone to watch you and point out that you might be doing something wrong, which reduces the possibility of injury and helps you get better results.

    • Couples who work out are physically compatible

    No one says couples have to look alike to succeed in love, but physicality is sometimes a whole other category. If one of you is fit and the other looks like a plate of overly warmed Camembert cheese, it says something about the latter’s level of self-respect and level of regard for their partner. It matters.

    • Sweat is not an issue

    The couples who work out together have seen each other at their worst and sweat does not disgust each other.

    • You always have someone to guide you

    It is a significant thing to work out in the right way and it is easy for couples who workout together as there is always someone to spot them and show them the right way to do it.

    • It is cheaper than you think

    This is a great advantage for people who join the gym as a couple because it costs low as compared to the single person charges. The same case applies to hiring a personal trainer.

    • Accomplish goals easily

    When couples train together, it is easy to achieve the set goals as there is someone who is constantly there to remind you and motivate you.

    • You get acquainted each other to a whole new level

    You’ve seen each other through tough times (cutting weight, not understanding a technique) and supported one another to get through them. You’ve enjoyed the great times together, celebrating mini-victories and big ones. Not every relationship has that.

    • You start to appreciate slow days more

    When you work out on a regular basis, you consider slow days a blessing and you don’t complain about them at all. It is a chance for the two of you to lay back, relax and do nothing.

    • Couples get more quality time together

    Aside from going on dinner dates or watching movies, quality time takes a whole new meaning when you train together with your partner. You’re not just making a conversation, you’re both pushing yourselves to your physical and mental limits.

    • It is a new experience

    Exercise could be the activity that shows you more about yourself and your partner more than any self-help book. You tend to grow and learn more together with experience knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Here are some fun ideas for dates for the couple interested in fitness:

    • Rent bikes and ride together
    • Go for long walk
    • Acroyoga
    • Rock Climbing
    • Dance Lessons
    • Ice Skating
    • Spend some sporty hours together
    • Hiking the mountains
    • Volunteering

    Whether you realise it or not, both of you have taken your relationship to a whole new level. You’ve seen each other through tough times (cutting weight, not understanding a technique) and supported one another to get through them. You’ve enjoyed the great times together, celebrating mini-victories and big ones. Not every relationship has that.



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