Hurry, Just 2 Weeks Left On The Cho Yung Detox Tea 50% OFF Deal

A BIG thankyou to so many of you jumping on our 50% off deal for Cho Yung Detox Tea. We are the only health and detox brand chosen by Harrods store in London as we are the best!

Coming soon due to demand, Cho Yung Tea is going to be sold in coffee shops around the UK, so you can enjoy a cup of Cho Yung Tea anytime of the day, while relaxing or with your lunch, so keep an eye out for the coffee shops serving the Cho Yung Brand near you!

Any coffee shop wanting to offer your customers our tea, simply contact { background-color: #D4D6C8; } .site-header__mobile-nav { background-color: #D4D6C8 !important; }