Lindsay Oliver

Lindsay Oliver dropped from a size 14/16 to a 10

I've been using Cho-Yung now for about a year and I saw a difference in my weight pretty quickly. I was a size 14, erring to a 16, and now I'm sat here wearing a size 10.

Before I lost the weight, when I went out I always wore long cardigans that would cover me up and I wouldn't wear tight fitting clothes. Now I'm quite happy to get involved in everything.

Cho-Yung has been really effective for me. I can actually still treat myself to the odd naughty snack and not feel guilty about it. I do eat smaller portions of food and tend to eat little, but more often.

I actually had a client come in to work a few weeks ago who didn't recognise me because I'm a stone and a half lighter than I was when they last saw me.

Now the thought of getting into a bikini, jumping around and having a laugh in it absolutely doesn't phase me. My Mum recently commented that's it been good to see me back to my old self. It's been Cho-Yung that helped me do that.