Weight Loss Tea Success Story From James Brooks

James Brooks lost 3 ½ stone

James Brooks

My weight gain sort of crept up on me. I wouldn't say I was conscious about it happening. There was a time that I became very conscious that I was over weight due to a number of things. One is that I still try and play Veterans' football and I really struggled with it. I was breathless and panting. I'm not blessed with being very tall. So of course at 5ft9 and 17 ½, I looked more square then anything else. If I could squeeze into a 40 trousers then I felt better about myself, but I looked ridiculous.

One of my grandchildren is a little live wire and she runs around like there's no tomorrow. In fact, 'Come here' means run as fast as you can in the opposite direction to her! And of course if she had a head start on me, it meant I was running for a long time, huffing and panting and she's laughing at me!

I started using Cho-Yung about a year ago. If you read up on what the tea can do for you, it's a gradual process. It's not like turning a light switch on or off. But having used it for so long, I certainly notice the health and weight loss benefits now and couldn't do with out it. I use it as part of a series of things, a strategy to be healthier in my daily life.

My weight now is 13 stone 13 pounds which is great. Each time I break a stone in weight loss, it's a milestone for me. I've lost 48 pounds or 3 and a half stone since I started using Cho-Yung.

One of the lads at football happened to make reference to the fact that I'm running around the football pitch without carrying my grand kids, because that's about the amount weight I was carrying. Which when you look at it like that, you can't help but feel healthier. The earlier you start to look after yourself, the longer you'll last, given half a chance and it certainly doesn't help if you're carrying excess weight that's for sure. You can't carry on forever with that strain and stress on your body.

Generally I can catch my grand daughter now; she's not got a chance! Before I couldn't really do that, she'd be off. She's a whippet. But now I can catch her.

James Brooks Before

Football is easy for me; most things are easier for me. I walk everywhere now and I wouldn't have done that before. I don't have a problem at all. I hiked up a volcano recently and that was great fun and I don't think I would have attempted that before when I was carrying the extra weight.

There's nothing wrong with having the odd beer or take away as long as it's not all the time. Cho-Yung adds a little bit of discipline in some respects. The two cups of tea – one in the morning and one in the afternoon - are so easy to do. It's hardly onerous, especially if it's readily available. The answer is that the tea does help you become more aware of doing the right things – become aware and conscious of what you're doing and eating.

All I would say to someone who's thinking of trying Cho-Yung is don't knock it before you try it. And if you try it, don't just try a cup, persevere and try it for a little bit longer than just a day because it's worth doing.